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6 Steps to Better Diversity Hiring

[Webinar] 6 Steps to Better Diversity Hiring with JazzHR

According to a recent McKinsey study, there is a statistically significant correlation between more diverse leadership teams and better financial performance.

This comes as no surprise to most HR professionals. It’s a longstanding best practice that diverse teams create better business decisions. But hiring for diverse teams proves more difficult than “Just hire some women.” or diversity training.

Making a decided effort to improve your hiring for diversity is challenged by many factors. Identifying and eliminating them can be difficult.

But don’t fear! In this month’s Growth Recruiting webinar, we’ve teamed up with JazzHR to present 6 Steps to Better Diversity Hiring.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Processes for diverse hiring practices

The conscious elimination of potential biases is key to diverse hiring. How to go about it can be more complex, but just as important. Biased hiring can land your organization in hot water with candidates, the government, and hurt your hiring brand. Avoid these pitfalls with a methodical examination of your hiring process and tools before problems arise.

How to expand your organization’s talent pool

Growing and diversifying your talent pool can make your organization smarter. Including employees of varying backgrounds likely increases your team’s creativity too. These results of diverse teams are well-known but difficult to achieve. It is the task of HR professionals to find the root cause of a lack of diversity. One culprit may be your talent pool. Nuances like how to apply for positions and your location narrow your recruitment. Awareness of new methods can help fight improve your pool.

Applying merit-based hiring into your efforts

Downstream of your talent pool, the application and interview process may keep your team from seeing and moving forward with qualified, diverse candidates. From inside the organization, identifying where you can improve may be hard to find. Take an outside look with the steps presented in the next Growth Recruiting Webinar.

About the Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, May 16th at 12PM Central as Corey Berkey, Director of Human Resources at JazzHR, explain how to implement diverse hiring practices, expand your hiring reach, and merit-based hiring.

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