6 Myths (And Realities) About HR Tech You Need to Know About

As with any new tech tool that claims to make our work lives substantially easier, there’s often a lot of talk surrounding HR technologies. And when there’s talk, myths undoubtedly form. But they’re just that — myths. It’s only natural to want to avoid things we don’t fully understand, especially when those things involve seemingly […]

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The Recruiting Reel with Margaret Buj

The Recruiting Reel Episode 2: How to Close Passive Candidates

#TheRecruitingReel Episode 2 is live! Featuring @MargaretBuj and @AllThingsBiz Watch it here: Click To Tweet Here’s the transcript of the episode: Josh Tolan: Hey, everyone. This is Josh Tolan, the CEO of Spark Hire, the leading video interviewing platform used by thousands of organizations around the world. And this is The Recruiting Reel, a video series […]

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How to Get Candidates to Open Up and Be Honest in the Interview

The job interview process is a marathon. First there’s the screening interview, followed by interviews with various company leaders, skills tests, personality tests, drug tests, and background checks. All these interview tactics are making the hiring process longer. New data published by Glassdoor in June shows that the average interview process has grown by 3.3 […]

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How to Look for Emotional Intelligence in a Video Interview

When looking for the best candidate for an open position, do you focus on hard skills, or soft skills and cultural fit? Which one is more important? Although skills and experience are still important in recruiting, hiring professionals are giving cultural fit an increasing amount of weight when selecting candidates. This is no surprise, considering […]

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