Live Video Interviews in Action

Yesterday, Spark Hire examined one way video interviews in action so it’s only proper that a post is also dedicated to seeing live video interviews in action. In this video portrayal, a candidate appears to be preparing for an in-person interview. He wakes up early, showers, dresses in a suit, eats breakfast, and even reads a […]

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One Way Video Interviews In Action

In this video, Spark Hire demonstrates one way video interviews in action. You’ll notice the hiring authority has a line of interviews to conduct. In order to avoid this situation, the hiring authority turns to one way video interviews, also known as Spotlight Interviews, to gain insight on candidates and save a ton of time. […]

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How To Avoid Workplace and Hiring Discrimination

How to Avoid Workplace and Hiring Discrimination [INFOGRAPHIC]

Discrimination in the workplace and hiring process should never be the elephant in the room. In order to fight against discrimination, it is important that employers face the matter head on. However, many business owners and even human resources professionals find themselves wondering exactly what is and what is not discrimination. Fortunately, Spark Hire has […]

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