Interviewing Candidates 3 Ways to Improve the Experience

Interviewing Candidates? 3 Ways to Improve the Experience

Technology has transformed the hiring process in a short amount of time. The way we connect with candidates, publicize job openings, and conduct interviews has changed drastically in less than a decade. When used properly, these innovative strategies can streamline your hiring process and improve the overall experience for the candidates. When you’re looking to […]

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How to Read Body Language During a Video Interview

While the responses a candidate delivers during an interview matter, their non-verbal cues also help to paint a picture about who this individual is as a professional — especially during video interviews. Decoding a candidate’s body language and coupling this knowledge with what you gain from their verbal replies allows you to gather crucial insight […]

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Hiring for a Small Business 5 Practices You Need to Know

Hiring for a Small Business? 5 Practices You Need to Know

Small business owners and hiring managers often have limited budgets. As a result, they must be resourceful in order to stay on track financially, while still growing their team. Fortunately, new technology and a strategic approach to the hiring process makes it easy to snag innovative, creative professionals when it’s time to expand. If you’re […]

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