Hire Millennials

How To Hire Millennials

If you are interested in adding new millennial talent to your team, it’s important that you have the right recruiting strategy in place. Fortunately, recruiting millennials is easier than you may think. You just have to become fluent in Millennialese. Here are some better ways to communicate with younger talent: Communicating With Millennial Candidates In […]

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Then and Now: How The Hiring Process Has Changed

The hiring process has transformed dramatically over the years, in large part due to technological advancements. Beyond just the rise of the internet, tools like video interviewing and interview scheduling software have helped to streamline the hiring process, saving both time and money and making a hiring manager’s life much easier. But there are some […]

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15 Advantages of Video Interviews You Didn’t Know About

Technology has made the hiring process much more streamlined, providing an improved experience for both interviewer and job seeker alike. While interview scheduling tools can help take the back-and-forth struggle out of hiring, other software such as a platform for conducting video interviews has also helped to alleviate hiring headaches. Video interviews are becoming increasingly […]

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Interview Red Flags

Interview Red Flags You Need To Know About

There are many factors that can account for a candidate’s poor performance during an interview. Nerves certainly contribute, causing even the most put-together professional to blurt out something they’ll later regret. However, there’s a difference between a slightly embarrassing verbal misstep and a warning sign that should put you on high alert as you consider […]

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