3 Hiring Concerns and How to Embrace Them

It’s a well known fact that hiring can be stressful.  As a hiring manager, you are held responsible for not only finding the best talent but also attracting talent to your job openings, and then making the right hiring decision. There are 3 key concerns that all hiring managers have and there are ways for you […]

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4 Things to do When you Disagree With a Team Member on Hiring a Candidate

Interviewing and making hiring decisions can be challenging in your small business, especially when you and your colleagues do not always see eye-to-eye. If you have a candidate you believe is the right fit for your company, but your team member disagrees, there are several things to do in order to ensure the right decision […]

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How to Standardize the Feedback Process During Hiring

The hiring process is stressful and time-consuming. You’re trying to quickly fill an open role so as to avoid stretching your other employees thin, but you also want to ensure that the new team member you’re bringing on board is a good fit. Because of this, many hiring managers get sidetracked and forget to give […]

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Essential Qualities to Look for When Hiring RNs

When you’re in charge of hiring RNs, you’re in a critical position, as these employees are irreplaceable when it comes to a healthcare organization’s functionality. Hospitals that experience a shortage of nurses, for example, are unable to properly provide care to their patients. Additionally, current staff members become severely overworked. When you’re looking to add […]

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