Easing the Job Application Process for Candidates By Using Video Interviews

We’re now in the last few days of December. Are you tempted to take a similar route as most companies during this time of the year and slow down productivity, leaving tasks for next month? Why not get all of your hiring needs completed and end 2013 with a bang? Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

How Not to Treat A Job Candidate

During the process of hiring, recruiters can expect job candidates to be polite, courteous and generally keen to make that all-important good first impression. However, it can sometimes be all too easy for a recruiter to forget that such formalities should extend both ways during an interview – it’s important to treat candidates with professional courtesy, as improper treatment could give a negative impression of your business to a star candidate who may decide to look elsewhere. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Ensuring A Positive Candidate Experience When Using Video Interviews

Video interviews instantly connect employers to job seekers. There are numerous benefits for companies when they implement video interviews into their hiring process. Video interviewing allows employers to avoid the headaches usually brought on by scheduling conflicts. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Playing Nice with Candidates Who Don’t Make the Cut

In an age where one article or social media post could sully your company’s image, it’s more important than ever to monitor how your company and its employees treat others. But it’s more than in how you treat your customers and other companies with whom you do business. Rather, it extends to your employees, future employees and those you don’t even hire at all. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

The 5 Big Fat Lies Recruiters Like to Tell Job Candidates

As a child, hearing the magical stories about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy was like escaping to a dream world. Life was so much easier once you were in the story. Years later, as parents, aunts, uncles or just friends, we hear ourselves telling those same stories to the ones we love. We lie because we want to protect them as long as we can from the crucial reality that’s out there. Sometimes recruiters do the same thing. They lie to their candidates because they don’t want them to lose face or just hold off on the Continue reading

Dealing with the First Day

An employee’s first day on the job can be one of the most taxing days during their tenure at a company. For the new employee, the expectations are high and there are numerous uncontrollable variables to consider. For the employer, the goal should be to help the newest addition to the team get comfortable while still having a productive day. In some instances, instead of keeping busy, some new hires endure too much free time in their schedule with nothing to fill it with since they haven’t been trained. Not only does this make for an awkward first day for Continue reading

How to Create a Great Candidate Experience

Just the other day, Spark Hire talked about what candidate experience is and why it is so important for your company to focus on. Now that you know what it is, do you know how to create a great candidate experience? Thankfully, you are already on the right track by knowing what it is. Companies that are completely unaware of what the candidate experience entails can’t really work towards creating a great one. Fortunately though, creating a great candidate experience isn’t very difficult. All it takes is some attention to detail and the desire to create a great candidate experience. Continue reading

How Fast is Your Company Website? #Infographic

candidate experience

Just yesterday we touched on what the candidate experience is and why it should matter to you and your company. Presenting a poor candidate experience can really hurt your company and the kind of talent it recruits. Having a great candidate experience can increase your talent pool and make your company’s overall reputation much more positive. The candidate experience starts right from when a candidate starts their job search with your company all the way to their training once you offer the job. Clearly your company website is part of that candidate experience and if you have a poor company Continue reading

What is Candidate Experience?

When you are hiring for new positions within your company and interacting with candidates, do you ever think about the experience you are sharing with them? What are they going to walk away with and what will they think of your company? If they had a poor candidate experience and you end up offering the position to them, they may think twice about accepting. If they do end up accepting your offer, they may start the job off with a negative vibe. Even if you didn’t offer this candidate the job, they may share their experience with others placing your Continue reading