6 Video Interview Tips You Need to Improve Candidate Experience

You’ve been using video interviews for a while and you think they’re great. They’ve helped to speed up your hiring process, identify the best candidates, and improve collaboration in candidate selection. You love video interviews, but do your job candidates feel the same way? Video interviews, whether used for screening or for the main interview, […]

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4 Ways to Utilize Video in the Recruiting Process

If you’re wondering what all the hype is with video in the recruiting industry, it’s time you jumped on the band wagon and found out for yourself just how valuable video can be in the recruiting process. There are 4 ways you can utilize video in order to simplify your day to day recruiting.


5 Candidate Insights You’ll Discover With Video Interviewing

While some people might fear that video interviewing doesn’t allow them to get an accurate portrayal of a candidate, in reality, video interviewing can actually give you a highly detailed sense of what this individual is all about. When you play close enough attention during a video conversation, you can learn a lot of information […]

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Video Interviewing for Educational Hiring

3 Reasons to Use Video Interviewing for Educational Hiring

As schools become more focused on incorporating technology into the classroom, it’s no surprise that many are beginning to rely on it when it comes to hiring too. These tools can save time and money while streamlining the hiring process, thus getting teachers into classrooms faster. Here’s how video interviewing technology can make hiring easier […]

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