vlog on what employees want

What Employees Want From Employers #VLOG

Employers, do you think you know what your employees want from you? If you do, you may actually be in for a surprise. In this week’s HR vlog I talk about one of our most shared and popular infographics: What Employees Really Want From Employers. If you think the number one thing your employees want […]

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toxic employee vlog

Toxic Employees and Your Company Culture #VLOG

Do you know what a toxic employee is? Do you how how negatively they can influence the rest of your team? Well, if you aren’t quite sure, then be sure to watch this week’s vlog below. We talk about how just approximately 5 percent of your employees could be accounting for 90 percent of people’s […]

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interview questions vlog

One-Way Video Interview Questions #VLOG

So you’ve started using video interviews and noticed right away how awesome and convenient one-way video interviews are for your hiring. Not only that, but they are way better than those pesky phone interviews you are used to conducting. Are you not sure on what questions you should be asking job seekers in these one-way […]

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