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What Employers Can Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Before you open a can of cranberries or stuff your turkey, take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving. Indeed, Thanksgiving isn’t only a day we stuff ourselves to the brim with turkey and pie and then take a nice tryptophan-induced nap. It’s also the time of year we reflect on all our blessings.

As an employer, Thanksgiving is the time of year you can be thankful for all the great candidates whose resumes fill your inbox. Whether these candidates are seasoned Baby Boomers or tech-obsessed Millennials, there’s plenty every generation can bring to the table.

Before you gather with your family and friends around the Thanksgiving table, take a moment to reflect back on the great candidates wowing you with their resumes and impressing in the video interview. Let this infographic remind you of all the great candidates vying for the chance to bring their talent to your company!

Check out the infographic on these great outlets!

What kind of candidates are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Share in the comments!

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