benefits of creating a company video

4 Benefits of Creating a Company Video

Let’s be real here, shall we? Company advertising today can be pretty expensive. Of course, utilizing social media and email is virtually free, but if that’s your only form of marketing then you might want to rethink your marketing strategy a bit. In any case, paid advertisements can add up and be costly to your […]

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How to Counter Offer Your Employee’s Offer

In today’s job market, employees can come and go as fast as the seasons change. It’s no longer common for an employee to devote their entire career life to just one company. So say one of your star employees has decided to inform you of their resignation and let’s you know that they will be […]

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Top 25 Blogs for Employers Badge

Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Employers

At Spark Hire, we know hiring top talent is no easy feat. With more applicants than ever, it’s especially important to make sure you’re staffing your company with the right candidates. Thankfully, the HR field is full of great thinkers willing to share their insights and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges we all […]

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