The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

Spark Hire Releases Free eBook on Video Interviewing

Spark Hire has released a new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing. This eBook is free to download and provides business owners and HR professionals with information on the benefits of utilizing video interviewing in their hiring process. The eBook focuses on how integrating video interviews over some traditional interviewing techniques is proven to […]

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How to Handle Receiving a Two Week Notice

For quite some time it has been general practice for employees to give their employers a two weeks notice if they plan to leave the company. This gives you, the employer, time to plan ahead and get started on the hiring process. It’s also just considered common courtesy for an employee to let their employer […]

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Tips For Better Hiring

Just the other day we were discussing how having a high turnover rate can harm your company name. If you have employees coming in and out of your company more than your local TGI Fridays, you know there’s something wrong. There can be multiple reasons as to why this is happening, but poor hiring is […]

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