Closing the Skills Gap in Education

The Ultimate Guide To Closing The Skills Gap In Education

America’s school system is facing a skills gap problem that threatens to invalidate free education for millions of students. For example, in Detroit, even students are upset at the massive teacher shortages at Cody Medicine and Community Health Academy. Eli Loftin, a ninth grader at the high school, said the main tasks he does in […]

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Hire Based On Company Alignment

Why You Need To Hire Based On Company Alignment

There is so much that goes into hiring the right candidate for a job, and there’s a lot of pressure on HR departments to make sure that they get it right. It costs a ton of money and time to hire and onboard an employee, and employee turnover costs even more. The hiring process therefore […]

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Start Scheduling Interviews

8 Things to Consider Before You Start Scheduling Interviews

There are a seemingly endless amount of factors that come into play when conducting a job interview. Was the candidate being truthful when they described themselves on their resume? Was the job description accurate and thorough enough to attract the right batch of candidates? Are those in charge of hiring actually clear on what they’re […]

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