Rejection Management

Spark Hire Launches Rejection Management Feature for Better Candidate Communication

Spark Hire has further enhanced its robust video interviewing platform by launching the Rejection feature to help companies ensure organization regarding the status of candidates’ applications. “We have many customers who video interview hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of candidates every month and we know it can sometimes be overwhelming,” says Spark CEO, Josh Tolan. “We […]

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How Not to Treat A Job Candidate

During the process of hiring, recruiters can expect job candidates to be polite, courteous and generally keen to make that all-important good first impression. However, it can sometimes be all too easy for a recruiter to forget that such formalities should extend both ways during an interview – it’s important to treat candidates with professional […]

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Playing Nice with Candidates Who Don’t Make the Cut

In an age where one article or social media post could sully your company’s image, it’s more important than ever to monitor how your company and its employees treat others. But it’s more than in how you treat your customers and other companies with whom you do business. Rather, it extends to your employees, future […]

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