How to Manage Former Coworkers

You finally managed to pull that promotion and are now working as a manager. Perhaps you’ll even have the chance to hire your own team- giving you the opportunity to experience all of the hiring tips we share here on this blog. Another thing to think of now that you are a manager or employer is how you will interact with all of those in the office you used to call coworkers. Of course, they are still your coworkers, but now you are a tier above them. They may even be calling you boss now. This can be a bit Continue reading

Team Building Your Way to Better Employee Engagement

Spark Hire has been discussing employee engagement a lot recenlty. For one, it’s a very important factor in the success of your company. If you do not have engaged employees, then chances are they are less concerned with their productivity and the affect it has on the company. Furthermore, when companies are not engaged with employees it is difficult to know where improvements are needed or where recognition is due. Aside from this, employee engagement is also just a great way to create a better company culture. It has been said that happy employees are more productive employees, and it’s Continue reading