10 Companies that Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

While working on this project, I realized all companies take different (very different) approaches to their company culture video. Some prefer to have the videos feel more like employment promotions, where they are encouraging people to apply and straight up telling them why by including things like insurance and dental information or vacation policy. Others […]

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Asking the Right Video Interview Questions to Determine A Candidate’s Cultural Fit

Hiring someone for cultural fit is just as important as hiring them for the skills they possess. Company culture impacts how your employees perform their jobs, how your customers are treated, and can contribute to turnover rates. Video interviews allow companies to quickly connect with candidates. You can also better assess a candidate’s fit for […]

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Cultural Fit: The Benefits and How to Include It In Your Hiring Process

Have you ever worked somewhere that didn’t feel right?  Perhaps the culture was more relaxed than you were used to, or maybe the environment had more of a hands-off feel than you preferred.  If you have been in a work environment that didn’t mesh well with the way you prefer to work, then you understand […]

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