The ‘Stay Interview’ – An Improvement On the Exit Interview

If you’re like most managers, you probably hold regular performance reviews that are designed to let employees know how they’re doing, and give them a chance to improve on their weaknesses. But what about performance reviews for you, the employer? Wouldn’t it make sense to give employees an opportunity to tell you, as an organization, […]

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Small Business Hiring 101: Using Big Data

Did you know that the ideal customer care or service employee is someone who lives close to their place of employment, has a reliable means of transportation, uses social media and is creative? According to XeroxVoice in Forbes, a candidate with these qualities and characteristics is more likely to stay at your small business.

Spark Beat: Hiring New Grads

Hiring recent college graduates has always been a gamble on some level. The lack of solid work experience, if nothing else, requires a leap of faith (non-traditional student grads notwithstanding). However, the employment landscape is changing so quickly for both employers and college students, that it’s important to revisit the subject now and again. Recent […]

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