Should You Hire an Overqualified Candidate?

With the job market in the state it is in and with thousands upon thousands of job seekers searching for a job, there are overqualified candidates floating around out there trying to grab whatever job comes there way. They were laid-off from their top-level job and now have to take a pay cut. They left […]

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one way video interviews

4 Advantages to One Way Video Interviews

If you’ve ever had to hire a new employee, then you know how taxing and tedious it can be. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of the process is sifting through the mound of resumes you have in your inbox and deciding which candidates are the most qualified for this specific position. Contacting them and phone […]

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Tips For Better Hiring

Just the other day we were discussing how having a high turnover rate can harm your company name. If you have employees coming in and out of your company more than your local TGI Fridays, you know there’s something wrong. There can be multiple reasons as to why this is happening, but poor hiring is […]

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