How to Get Better Interview Answers from Job Candidates

Let’s face it: we’ve heard – and even said – it all before: “team player,” “people person,” “self-starter.” While these are all great adjectives, they have been overused so much in the job search that hiring recruiters and managers don’t take them seriously anymore. As far as they’re concerned, everyone seems to be a self-described team player or people person during a job interview. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

So You Want to Hire Like Apple?

We’ve talked about two tech giants in this series so far; let’s round it out with a third. Microsoft and Google hiring processes are somewhat famous for their intensity and off-the-wall interview questions. Apple, on the other hand, has been a little more secretive about their recruiting procedures. Various websites have lists of Apple interview questions, and one particularly famous incident involving Steve Jobs and an inappropriate question (OK, so that probably didn’t actually happen). However, the broad strokes of an Apple process are more easily corroborated. Apple interviews are designed to find employees who are forward-looking, passionate, and innovative. Continue reading

The Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ask During a Job Interview

Employers rely heavily on job interviews to help give them an accurate look at what the candidate in front of them is all about. But while it’s okay to get a little abstract during an interview (“How many people are currently working at Google now?”), there are some areas you should avoid at all costs. Some topics to avoid include: Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

How To: Video Interview Questions

Conducting video interviews during the hiring process has many benefits to your company. It frees up time and enables you to determine which job candidates are worth a second look without meeting them all face-to-face. However, submitting interview questions to applicants undergoing an online job search can be daunting if you don’t know just what to ask. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

So You Want to Hire Like Starbucks?

We all love Starbucks, or love to hate Starbucks (HOW DO THEY GET ALL MY MONEY?). What we should be doing is hiring like Starbucks. Starbucks is a global company with thousands of employees: they need to have a great system for hiring top talent. I’m sure we all have our favorite story of a terrible interaction with a Starbucks employee, so get that out of your system right now. Write a nasty letter, tweet, or Facebook status to that terrible employee who spelled your name wrong. Done? Okay. Like any major, and successful, company, Starbucks has a set of Continue reading

So You Want to Hire Like Google?

Like other hiring giants in our So You Want to Hire Like… series, Google has a reputation for innovative and successful hiring practices. Their internship program is the subject of a recent film, and the inspiration for last fall’s book Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? Intelligence tests are only one part–in fact, an increasingly smaller part–of Google’s interview questions and hiring strategy. Other secrets to success include finding good matches for company culture and taking chances on less qualified candidates. So you want to hire like Google? Here’s what you should do. Like this article? Subscribe to Continue reading

5 Questions for Your Next Video Interview

One-way video interviews have a unique potential when it comes to interview questions. You see, one-way video interviews provide candidates with time to craft an answer before recording and submitting their video responses. Thus, you get a chance to see what a candidate can come up with when they put some time and thought into your questions. This helps test presentation skills, work ethic, and thoughtfulness. Here are some great video interview questions for your next one-way video interview (because you can always watch a candidate think on their feet in the live or in-person interview). Like this article? Subscribe Continue reading

How to Hire Like Target Using These Interview Questions

One of the best–and most time-effective–ways to get better at something (baking, playing hockey, international art thievery) is to take some tips from the pros. Hiring is no exception. Formulating good interview questions is no easy task, and so you should save yourself some time and effort by taking a leaf out of some other companies’ books. In our new Spark Hire series, So You Want to Hire Like… we’ll take a look at the hiring practices of companies with successful track records in talent acquisition, specifically those with stellar interview strategies. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest Continue reading

4 Traits to Look for When Hiring New Employees

In April, TIME identified four qualities that all great employees possess. When it came to these four traits, employers admitted that a majority of their employees exhibited only average performance. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.