Talent Acquisition: 3 Ways to Woo Job Candidates

Job seekers may be desperate for jobs, but when it comes to finding top-notch professional talent for your small business, you’re well aware that you are the most desperate in this search. That’s why it can be argued that talent acquisition in these scenarios is a lot like match making, dating and finding “the one,” […]

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Tweeting to Passive Candidates

Recruiters are already highly aware of the benefits of social recruiting and leveraging tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help draw in candidates. And with so many outlets available to use, it is especially difficult to maximize their usefulness. Twitter is an especially important tool because it puts information into people’s hands quickly […]

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4 Misguided Excuses for Avoiding Video Interviews (And Why They’re Costing Your Company Money)

#4. Your company doesn’t have a strong online presence If the other parts of your online presence aren’t in order, starting with video interviews can be daunting. Video interviewing might seem like something reserved for big companies, or “tech savvy” companies. In reality, video interviews are a great tool for every company. As long as you’re hiring and […]

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Facebook Recruiting

Facebook Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

On this blog, we’ve talked about online recruiting and social recruiting. Facebook is, of course, one of the biggest intersections between those two strategies. Check out this infographic listed below which shows why Facebook is crucial to your online recruiting and social recruiting efforts. You’ll even find some tips for making the most of your Facebook experience.