Can Cutting Out Meetings Improve Employee Engagement?

‘Meeting’ has become a dreaded word in the office dictionary. For many employees, just the word can bring on a shudder of despair. This is because many meetings turn out to be huge time wasters, where the agenda is unclear and not much ends up getting accomplished. This causes your employees to burn the midnight […]

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4 Ways to Compare Candidates’ Video Resumes

Video resumes can be a great tool for companies looking to get personal faster in the hiring process. After all, now employers can press play and see a candidate’s personality and communication skills on display. It’s important to keep in mind that different candidates can bring different skill sets to the table. But not all […]

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Spark A Conversation

Spark A Conversation: Veteran Candidates, How Do I Hire Them?

Here at Spark Hire, we want to help companies utilize the power of online video to find the best candidates. We get a lot of questions from readers about best practices for using online video in the hiring process. These posts will address those questions about how to find your next superstar employee. Question: How […]

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