Workplace Efficiency: Small Time Savers to Help with the Big Picture

During any given day, there are a great number of things to accomplish. From day to day tasks which keep the company cogs running smoothly, to large and small projects which will benefit the company in the long-run – it’s difficult to pack in everything that needs attention. Time is a precious commodity in the workplace, so here are a few small ideas that might have a larger time-saving impact. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Juggling the Aspects of the Work Environment

Inevitably, employees will disagree and complain to each other, their bosses, and to HR about various aspects of their physical workplace environment. Such comments and complaints might involve the temperature, lighting, proximity to other employees, smells, etc. As an HR professional, how can you measure which issues should take precedence? It is within your control to allow or not allow the changes that would make employees more or less comfortable in their work space, but should you assume all the responsibility? What allowances should you make in the workplace in order to maintain morale and decorum? Should certain things be Continue reading

March Madness: How to Keep Your Corporate Culture Productive

The craziest part of March Madness might be how many productivity hours and how much money your company could lose. You’ve worked hard to establish an attractive corporate culture, so you’re not crazy about the idea of cracking down on Internet usage just in March. You trust your employees, and that trust is part of what makes your corporate culture so great. However, ignoring the NCAA Division I championship tournament, with all its betting and brackets? That might just be madness.  Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Social Media Policies for Better Company Culture

Walking around your office, you might spy employees updating their status on Facebook or hashtagging their thoughts on Twitter. While today’s social media-connected world means we’re always just a click away from friends and family members, should those clicks be happening in the workplace? And what does this social obsession mean for your company culture? There is some reason to at least think social media might be hurting your workers’ productivity, and by proxy your bottom line. A study from 2011 showed 60 percent of work interruptions were caused by technology tools like email, instant messages and- you guessed it- Continue reading

Micromanaging and Your Company

Have you ever been in a relationship and felt completely stifled? Like everything you did was being watched and scrutinized? Perhaps your partner was trying to exert some kind of control over what you were doing and wanted to know where you were and what you were doing at all times. We have established the fact that Spark Hire is not a dating site, right? Yes, we have, but the fact of the matter is that although we may not be a dating site, this is exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of micromanagement. Yikes! Continue reading

Work From Home: What Worries Employers?

A while back, Spark Hire talked about the benefits working from home can have on your employee engagement. Not only are you showing them trust, but you are offering a flexible environment that most people would love to work in. Many employers may be hesitant to offer a work from home option though even if it would be feasible and beneficial to their workers. Why is that? Well, when employers hear that in the office their employees are wasting about five hours a week on non-work related sites they probably think more time would be wasted if their employees were Continue reading

How to Keep Employee Morale Up #VLOG

keeping employe emorale up

Did you know that happy workers are more productive workers? Well if you think about it, it makes complete sense. Do you think you would be more productive if you were happy with your job, or more if you were unhappy? That is why keeping your employee morale up is pretty important. So what can you do to work towards this? For starters, you can make sure your employees know that you appreciate them. Remember how much we talked about employee appreciation a while back? Keep this is mind and starting showing your employees you care. You also want to Continue reading

Can Cutting Out Meetings Improve Employee Engagement?

‘Meeting’ has become a dreaded word in the office dictionary. For many employees, just the word can bring on a shudder of despair. This is because many meetings turn out to be huge time wasters, where the agenda is unclear and not much ends up getting accomplished. This causes your employees to burn the midnight oil in order to make up the time wasted sitting in these endless gatherings. Schedule too many meetings, and you might see your employee engagement lower in response. If your employees hate meetings, they’re not alone. A recent survey showed nine out of 10 employees Continue reading

3 Ways to Increase Employee Retention Before Hiring

Can you confidently say that you have a happy, satisfied workforce? You may be hiring for open or new positions and want to show top candidates that your company is a great one to work for. Are your current employees happy though? Can you sell a great company culture to new employees if your current workforce is unhappy? The answer to that is a big “no.” In order to attract top candidates to your company you need to first be sure you are taking care of your current employees as best you can. That means focusing on employee retention. Before Continue reading

Employee Productivity at Work #Infographic

productivity statistics

Do you know how productive your employees are? It’s near impossible to assume that your employee’s are working for the full eight hours they are in the office. They will talk with one another, take a few breaks from their work to surf on the net and walk around the office to kill some time. These things are all normal, and in fact are pretty healthy for your office. You cannot expect your employees to be chained to their desk all day. However, do you know how much time your employees are actually wasting on the internet? Check out this Continue reading