Tweeting to Passive Candidates

Recruiters are already highly aware of the benefits of social recruiting and leveraging tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help draw in candidates. And with so many outlets available to use, it is especially difficult to maximize their usefulness. Twitter is an especially important tool because it puts information into people’s hands quickly […]

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Facebook Recruiting

Facebook Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

On this blog, we’ve talked about online recruiting and social recruiting. Facebook is, of course, one of the biggest intersections between those two strategies. Check out this infographic listed below which shows why Facebook is crucial to your online recruiting and social recruiting efforts. You’ll even find some tips for making the most of your Facebook experience.

Social Recruiting: What It Is and How To Do It

Social recruiting, like most things social media-related, has become increasingly popular and useful over the last few years. Social recruiting, by its simplest definition, is the use of social media by companies to recruit talented employees. Some point out that for true social recruiting to take place, a community has to form around a particular […]

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