The Risk of Hiring Uncoachables

Whether your office is a field, court, or high-rise building, chemistry is essential to your team’s success. Chemistry starts and finishes with the people you hire, and trust to bring your team to the next level whether that is a championship title, or a new round of funding. All it takes is one uncoachable member of the team and you can kiss chemistry goodbye. “Uncoachables” can have tantalizing talent, but hiring them puts the entire fabric of your company at risk. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

How to Approach a Dysfunctional Team Member

Working on a team can be a challenging experience. In a sometimes cramped office space, you and your coworkers chug away at tasks and work together on many things to complete larger projects or improve efficiency. What happens when you discover that one coworker who has the potential to bring all your collaboration and productivity to a halt? Whether their personality clashes with others on the team, they feel the need to be in charge, or they believe their ideas to be superior to others’, what is the best way to diffuse them before their attitude threatens the morale and Continue reading

Encouraging Teamwork in a Diverse Workplace

A recent study found that workplace diversity can increase employee happiness and job satisfaction. The study cites “feeling included” as one of the top raves of workers. Further, this feeling of inclusion makes employees more likely to come to work, which means a more efficient and profitable company culture. Pause for cheers and pats on the back… Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

3 Video Resume Signs of a Good Team Player

Great candidates know the value of teamwork. You need someone in your organization who understands just how important it is to work well in a team setting and band together to complete projects. A 60 second video resume will allow you to see more personality than a one page paper resume, helping you discover if your great-on-paper candidate is a great team player or a lone wolf in disguise. Allowing employers a more personal feel for candidates is one of the real strengths of the video resume. You need someone in your organization who is going to add in a Continue reading

Team Building Your Way to Better Employee Engagement

Spark Hire has been discussing employee engagement a lot recenlty. For one, it’s a very important factor in the success of your company. If you do not have engaged employees, then chances are they are less concerned with their productivity and the affect it has on the company. Furthermore, when companies are not engaged with employees it is difficult to know where improvements are needed or where recognition is due. Aside from this, employee engagement is also just a great way to create a better company culture. It has been said that happy employees are more productive employees, and it’s Continue reading