15 Advantages of Video Interviews You Didn’t Know About

Technology has made the hiring process much more streamlined, providing an improved experience for both interviewer and job seeker alike. While interview scheduling tools can help take the back-and-forth struggle out of hiring, other software such as a platform for conducting video interviews has also helped to alleviate hiring headaches. Video interviews are becoming increasingly […]

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How You Can (and Should) Make the Case to your Clients for Video Interviews

It’s no secret that traditional, outdated interviewing strategies end up wasting a significant amount of time on multiple fronts. Recruiters and staffing professionals, in particular, spend too much time trying to juggle applicants’ schedules with clients’ availability. And when you finally narrow it down to a handful of job candidates, you spend hours deliberating over […]

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How To Adapt Your Hiring Process For Video Interviewing

Video interviewing makes adding talent to your team easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever before. Instead of having to waste time shuffling candidates in for first-round interviews — only to find that they simply aren’t qualified for the position — you can quickly watch dozens of one-way video responses from interested individuals. From there, […]

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5 Candidate Insights You’ll Discover With Video Interviewing

While some people might fear that video interviewing doesn’t allow them to get an accurate portrayal of a candidate, in reality, video interviewing can actually give you a highly detailed sense of what this individual is all about. When you play close enough attention during a video conversation, you can learn a lot of information […]

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6 Myths (And Realities) About HR Tech You Need to Know About

As with any new tech tool that claims to make our work lives substantially easier, there’s often a lot of talk surrounding HR technologies. And when there’s talk, myths undoubtedly form. But they’re just that — myths. It’s only natural to want to avoid things we don’t fully understand, especially when those things involve seemingly […]

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