How Should You Assess a Video Resume?

Well, there’s a first for everything, and perhaps, you just received your first video resume. You may be wondering whether or not you should just throw it out. But as job seekers become more adept at utilizing technology in their search, you can bet that video resumes will become a lot more common. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

4 Types of Video Content Your Business Needs Now

So you’ve read about the benefits of a video recruiting strategy, and now you’d like to encourage candidates to send video content. You’d also like them to feel open and comfortable about submitting video resumes, and participating in video interviews. The best way to accomplish this is for your business to create its own video content. Video content bolsters your online recruiting efforts by setting an example for recruits, and by furthering your company brand. Here are 4 types of video content that your business needs to attract more talent online. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to Continue reading

Does Your Corporate Culture Spark Career Passion?

Most recruiters and hiring managers understand the importance of a top-notch corporate culture. After all, implementing a culture with great corporate values will make your company more attractive to the kind of job seekers you need to walk through your company’s front doors. These perks can range from nap rooms and unlimited vacations to free lunches. While great perks might nab you more applicants for your open jobs, will these benefits also nab you long-lasting talent? Employee turnover can be very, very expensive. In fact, a recent long-range study found the cost of employee turnover tended to be about 21 Continue reading

The 4 Crazy Video Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

The job market is absolutely flooded with candidates right now. With 7.9 percent unemployment, many of these job seekers are without jobs and looking for a steady paycheck. But a good portion of the candidate flood has a current 9-to-5 job, as well. In fact, one in five employees admit they plan to start looking for a new job in the next 90 days. With so many job seekers flooding the marketplace, how can you use the video interview to narrow down the competition? Maybe it’s time to go a little bit crazy. That’s certainly the strategy many companies are Continue reading

Warning Signs in a Video Resume #VLOG

Warning Signs in a Video Resume

Is your eye trained to look for warning signs when reviewing a job seeker’s video resume? Don’t fret if it’s not, but it is helpful to recognize these red flags since they can tip you off that a candidate will not likely mesh well with you or your organization. If you’re ready to sharpen these skills, check out our weekend edition HR vlog! Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Spark Hire’s January HR Faves

Every month, Spark Hire is going to take a moment to catalogue a few of our favorite things. We see so many great articles, blog posts, videos, photos, and even memes every month. This is our way of highlighting our favorites…and sharing them with you! The list might not contain any piano-playing cats, but it is filled with interesting information to help you hire the right people. Without further ado, here is some of the best information about hiring top talent you might have missed this January:  Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email Continue reading

3 Video Resume Signs of a Good Team Player

Great candidates know the value of teamwork. You need someone in your organization who understands just how important it is to work well in a team setting and band together to complete projects. A 60 second video resume will allow you to see more personality than a one page paper resume, helping you discover if your great-on-paper candidate is a great team player or a lone wolf in disguise. Allowing employers a more personal feel for candidates is one of the real strengths of the video resume. You need someone in your organization who is going to add in a Continue reading

3 Ways to Catch a Video Resume Fib

Is your superstar candidate stretching the truth in their video resume? Unlike Pinocchio, the animated Disney character whose nose would grow if he told a lie, there’s no surefire way of telling whether or not your candidate is being truthful. It’s always a good idea to be skeptical about the skills, qualifications and experience being presented on a resume. Whether you’re viewing a video resume or scanning over a traditional paper resume the odds are high you’ll come across at least one or two candidates massaging the truth.  Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly Continue reading

Does Your Company Culture Need a Mentorship Program?

Could your company culture benefit from mentorship? A great mentorship program might just be what your company needs in order to improve employee engagement. It will foster a company environment of learning and professional development, while allowing your workers to bond and help each other. It could be just what your corporate culture needs to keep great people within the organization instead of spending their off hours working on their video resume. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.

Are Promotions Really Good for Employee Morale?

A new year has dawned and your 2013 resolutions might have included boosting employee morale. Perhaps your workplace morale is a little lacking or you’d like to see more employee engagement. Whatever the reason, you might be considering using promotions to boost morale and make employees just a little bit happier. Sounds like a great plan, right? Maybe not. Like this article? Subscribe to our HR digest to receive a weekly email with fresh and informative content.