Spark Hire Wins Best Usability Award - Video Interviewing

Spark Hire’s Video Interviewing Platform Achieves Best Usability in G2 Crowd’s Video Interviewing Index Report

Spark Hire received the Best Usability Award based on responses of real video interviewing users on G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solution review platform. Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, said of the award, “We’re ecstatic about the results of the video interviewing report. This is a testament to all the hard work done by every […]

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Scaling Communication with Text, Chat and AI

[Webinar] High-Volume Recruiting: Scaling Communication with Text, Chat and AI

The entry-level influx of spring recruiting is upon us! Organizations flock to career fairs, to start high-volume recruiting for their entry-level positions. But these new recruits are not as responsive as they once were. Changing up your communication can help you stand out from the other recruiting organizations. This month, TextRecruit joins Spark Hire for […]

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Customer Spotlight_ Open Listings' Secrets to Hiring Success

Customer Spotlight: Open Listings’ Secrets to Hiring Success

As a member of the sales team, I’d pitched the following story countless times: “Your hiring process looks something like this: you put out a job ad and reviewed resumes of applicants. You get on a phone screen with an applicant. [Incorporate shameless plug for our interview scheduling tool here.] About 2 minutes into your […]

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Fueling 2018 Growth: How to Attract and Retain Talent

[Webinar] Fueling 2018 Growth: How to Attract and Retain Talent

As you move into 2018, you might be making an about-face from employee turnover towards recruitment and retention. And it would make sense to get direction on how best to update your hiring process. Maybe you’ve been busy interviewing, but not getting the right candidates. It’s also possible your process may have identified the perfect […]

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Hiring for Growth - 5 Strategies that Work, 5 that Don't

[Webinar] Hiring for Growth: 5 Strategies that Work, 5 that Don’t

Hiring isn’t always your team’s focus, and that’s understandable. Maybe you have been more focused on engaging your current employees or navigating employee benefits this year. Moving forward, it’s time to bring hiring back into focus for your HR team. Your current process may have produced some stellar employees, but will it keep working as […]

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