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4 Personalities Hiring Managers Should Look for in an Interview

4 Personalities Hiring Managers Should Look for in an Interview

When considering candidates, it’s easy for hiring managers to get caught up in only searching for skill and expertise.  However, it is important to understand that candidate personality is something necessary to pay attention to and assess to ensure a good cultural fit within your business.

There are four personalities hiring managers should look for in a candidate:

1. Positive Attitude

While a candidate can have the highest level skill and experience, without a positive attitude he will drag your team down quickly.  It only takes one negative attitude to affect the mood and productivity of your entire team.

When interviewing candidates, take notice of their attitude as they respond to questions about their past work history.

Make sure that you thoroughly check all references regarding the candidate’s positivity.  Ask questions regarding how the candidate worked with others on the team and how he handled difficult situations.  The responses from references can give you  good insight as to the candidate’s positivity with others and during difficult times.

2. Desire to Learn

There are many experienced professionals who are closed-minded when it comes to learning new processes and new ways of business.  Regardless of the candidate’s experience, you still need someone who is eager to learn your business and processes.

During your interviews, pay attention to the candidate’s questions.  If the candidate shows a positive interest in your company and how you do business, it’s a good possibility that this candidate has the desire to learn.

3. Drive to be Successful

Of course, you want employees who want to be successful.  When your employees are successful, your business is successful.

In the interview, ask questions regarding the candidate’s past work experiences and how he got where he is today.  Find out the candidate’s track record when checking references and focus on candidates with the desire to succeed.

4. Ability to Problem Solve

When you are traveling or not accessible to your staff, it is important that you have employees who are able to troubleshoot and solve problems.

During the interview, be sure to ask questions regarding the candidate’s ability to problem solve and overcome difficult situations in past experiences.  Have the candidate give specific examples of times when he was faced with a difficult task or decision and his supervisor was not immediately available.  Learn what the situation was, what the candidate decided to do, and the outcome of the situation.

In addition, be sure to focus on the candidate’s problem solving ability when checking references.

What are some personalities you look for in candidates during interviews?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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Julia Weeks

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