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4 Ways Employee Benefits Videos Boost Your Brand

4 Ways Employee Benefits Videos Boost Your Brand

Throughout the entire month of August, people around the world celebrate National Breastfeeding Month. Many companies highlight not just the benefits of breastfeeding but the support that mothers need to successfully nurse, especially while working. While not every candidate will be overjoyed to hear you have a pumping room, it means the world to many others. 

This is just one example of a unique, specialized benefit that is not necessarily valuable in attracting all candidates. Don’t let the fact that some benefits only appeal to a handful of top talent prevent you from sharing how you meet employee needs, especially if those benefits are important to your current team. A perk or benefit that is insignificant to one candidate is bound to be a major draw for another — and they could be your next best hire. 

It’s important to take a step back and look at the smaller pictures. Many companies see employer branding videos as a tool to showcase their most popular and competitive benefits. However, by creating a variety of short, meaningful branding videos, you have the power to target and land more top talent. 

Here’s why you need to build a video library that highlights unique employee benefits:

1. You present candidates with real-life stories they relate to

When you present talent with short videos featuring current employees, they are able to connect to the people behind your brand. They can imagine how their lives will be impacted if they join your team. 

You also create an opportunity to share stories that show how accessible your leadership team is. Candidates may not immediately connect with the employee benefits, but they’ll see their needs will be heard and taken seriously if they join your organization. 

Even better, this connection is driven home by evoking genuine emotions. When you draw the line between employees’ stories and candidates’ personal journeys, you instill a deeper connection to your team. 

2. You attract the best cultural-fits by highlighting employee favorites

Favorite perks and benefits will differ from person to person. However, you’ve worked hard to create unique employee benefits to meet your team’s specific needs. One fact your HR team can count on is employees love benefits that round out their personal and professional lives. 

Whether it is work-life balance and flexibility or relaxation spaces and on-location doggy daycare, your employees’ favorite benefits attract candidates that are a great cultural fit. Creating short branding videos that spotlight employees’ top benefits enables you to appeal naturally to talent that shares similar interests to your team.

3. You create a meaningful experience by showing instead of telling

It’s challenging to summarize what it’s like to work for a company in just a few short sentences. There is so much to account for: culture, teamwork, recognition, leadership, benefits, and so on. With short branding videos, you can easily engage candidates in an experience.

Rather than trying to describe the work environment, they can take 30-second tours of the fitness or relaxation room. If teamwork and camaraderie are important to them, you can share a video of candid moments between colleagues working in a cozy meeting space or bonding at corporate events. 

4. You show your organization has a genuine personality

Candidates often want to know how well they’ll fit in with the personality of the company before they commit to a role. More importantly, they want to know the company culture resonates with their personality and most days they’ll enjoy their work.

You have the opportunity to capture the personality of your company and appeal to the personality types that will most likely excel on your team. Candidates need to be aware of how much autonomy they will have, how close they will work with co-workers, and how they will draw energy in their work environment.

For example, companies like Smarkets, know personality is a critical component of success. They want employees who fit well within their unique culture because they know creativity thrives when you feel safe and at home.

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Josh Tolan

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