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5 Interview Questions to Ask In One-Way Video Interviews

Screening candidates in the hiring process is not only time-consuming; it can get very tedious. As a hiring manager who spends everyday hiring, you already have a routine you follow for the phone interview. You know what kind of information you want to gather from the candidate. And you know what you are expecting from top job seekers. One-way video interviews shouldn’t be different in this aspect.

Spark Hire recently harked on why HR pros should ditch the phone interview. But once you start participating in video interviews, what kind of interview questions should you be asking candidates early on in the hiring process?

One-way video interviews were brought up, in essence, to replace the phone interview. In this case, the interview questions you ask in a video interview will likely be geared the same way as those in a phone interview.

You will be asking your job seekers general questions, such as why they joined this particular industry and how their strengths align with the role. To help you come to terms with what kinds of questions you should be asking early on in the hiring process, take a look at these five interview questions you can ask in a one-way video interview with job seekers:

What do you know about our company?

It would not be uncommon for you to ask your job seekers what they already know about the company in a phone interview. Therefore, this is the perfect kind of question for a one-way video interview as well. You can’t expect them to know tons just yet, but if they applied for your open position, they should at least know what kind of business you conduct and your specialty.

Judging by their answers, you can see what candidates applied to this position and genuinely want it, and those job seekers that applied because it was an open position and they need a job. Chances are the job seekers that truly want this position researched your company a bit and know what you do.

Furthermore, candidates have at least a day to answer your interview questions on their one-way video interviews, so they should be taking the time to research to answer the question adequately. At least that’s what savvy job seekers will do.

Why are you interested in this particular job?

If you want to have employees that are truly passionate about what they do, this will be a great question to ask early on in the hiring process. Their answer can give you great insight into why they chose this field and where they intend to go in the future. Is this a position that will get them closer to where they want to be, or is this just a job for right now?

What do you look for in a job?

This is a great way to see if your candidate is a good fit corporate culture-wise. If working with laid-back, friendly, and relaxed people is important to them, and you have that in your company, it could be a great match. Aside from corporate culture, this will give you insight into what they are looking to get out of the job. Do they want to learn more and hone their skills? Do they answer with, “great pay and good benefits” or “I just need a job”? These answers are likely a sign that this is not your future employee.

Why did you leave, or are planning to, leave your current/last job?

Interview questions such as this are valuable and are bound to come up at some point in the hiring process. If they are leaving their current position, you certainly want to know why.

Do they say it’s because they want to get in with a company that offers career growth? That’s understandable. Is their current position becoming stagnant? Do they speak negatively about their employer? It is well-known to job seekers that they should not cast their current or past employer in a negative light- at least they should know. If they do, what is to stop them from speaking negatively of you and your company?

What are some of your strengths?

Obviously, as the hiring manager, you will want to know what this job seeker considers to be their biggest strength. Answering strengths is always easier than answering weaknesses, and the job seeker is much more likely, to be honest. Do their strengths coincide with what you need out of the employee that fills this position?

One-way video interviews are simply a great way to streamline your candidate screening and hiring process. If you have a setlist of questions you ask candidates in the phone interview, then ask those same interview questions in the video interviews. When they answer in video format, you get not only your answer but also a glimpse of their personality and communication skills.

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