Video Interviewing: Lending a Helping Hand Finding Great Volunteers

It can be tough to find great volunteers. Organizations need people dedicated to the mission with skills to donate and passion to spare. Just like one bad apple can spoil the bunch, a bad volunteer can really bring down the atmosphere of the whole organization. Video interviewing is lending a help hand to organizations looking […]

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Goodbye Grammar? Video Interviewing and The (Well) Written Word

In today’s universe of social media, text messages, and YouTube videos, proper grammar is really taking a beating. Just because more candidates are abusing the written rules, however, doesn’t mean you should stand for it. Assessing writing ability can and should be an integral part of the hiring process. Just because your company is using […]

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benefits of creating a company video

4 Benefits of Creating a Company Video

Let’s be real here, shall we? Company advertising today can be pretty expensive. Of course, utilizing social media and email is virtually free, but if that’s your only form of marketing then you might want to rethink your marketing strategy a bit. In any case, paid advertisements can add up and be costly to your […]

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