How to Implement an Office Dress Code

From coast to coast and country to country, dress codes in companies and offices are all over the place. What one company deems inappropriate attire may be the norm somewhere else. On top of that, different occupations require different attire and dress codes. An engineer working for General Electric will likely have to adhere to […]

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Why Treating Employees Fairly is Important

Did you ever have a teacher or a camp counselor when you were young that clearly favored a student or camper? They let them go first in line, they always knew what was going on and they just enjoyed all of the perks of being a favorite. If you weren’t the favorite, do you remember […]

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Are Video Interviews Replacing The Traditional Interview?

The replacement question. One I’m often asked as the CEO of a company that offers video interviewing solutions. Are you looking to replace the traditional, in-person interview with video interviews? The short answer is: no. The main purpose of video interviews is to bridge the gap between an initial paper resume to the in-person interview. […]

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What’s Your Grade? The Importance of Employee Evaluations

Just because you’ve hired a great new employee using online video interviewing doesn’t mean the evaluation process should stop. After all, evaluations are a large part of hiring top talent. When a candidate becomes an employee, this is no excuse for the evaluation process to ground to a halt.

Employee Incentives and Rewards: Why They’re Essential for Maximum Production

Employers, supervisors and managers- you have GOT to incorporate incentives and rewards into your production goals planning! OK, so be honest. Did you just cry out “yes!” or did you cringe? Your guess is as good as mine as to why the inclusion of employee incentives & rewards is nott an expectation of management by […]

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