How to Slash Employee Turnover Rates

By now we know how disruptive employee turnover is to a company. However, high turnover rates have become the norm in many offices. In fact, Fast Company reports that men will hold an average of 11.4 jobs in their lifetimes, while women will have 10.7.  Today, the average person has spent less than five years […]

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How Improved Onboarding Can Reduce Turnover

How Improved Onboarding Can Reduce Turnover [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the difficult realities of the working world is that people move around—a lot. While employee turnover may keep fresh faces in the office, it can also mean that talent moves quickly through the business and HR might feel that they are eternally stuck in the hiring process. However, employee turnover is inevitable.

Does Your Corporate Culture Spark Career Passion?

Most recruiters and hiring managers understand the importance of a top-notch corporate culture. After all, implementing a culture with great corporate values will make your company more attractive to the kind of job seekers you need to walk through your company’s front doors. These perks can range from nap rooms and unlimited vacations to free […]

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Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

It’s blatantly clear that the job market of today is very different than the job market of years past. In the past, it was normal for an employee to stay with the same company their entire career. They would start from the bottom and over the years gradually work their way up the ladder. It […]

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