The Interview Process: Old-Fashioned vs. Progressive

The standard interview process, as we know it, has undergone great changes over the years.  Because of this, it is important for businesses to take a moment each year and review their interview process, ensuring that it is current.  After all, how embarrassing to have an old-fashioned interview process while other companies are showing yours […]

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3 Ways You’re Making A Bad Impression On Top Talent

During the interview process, most hiring managers are evaluating candidates and determining if they are a fit for the job or not.  Many times, candidates can do something to make a bad impression on the hiring manager, causing them to be passed over for the job.  However, one thing that hiring managers tend to forget […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Structure to Your Hiring Process

Hiring can be a chaotic mess or it can be well thought out and organized.  There are many benefits of having a structured hiring process but it does take some planning and preparation, which many managers may say they do not have time for.  However, when they understand how much time can be saved through […]

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Why More Companies Should Start Using Video Interviews

The modern world is full of technology that enables us to do things more easily and more practically. A lot of businesses and employers are beginning to use technology as an addition to their conventional working lives in order to make their jobs easier. Video interviewing is one of these technologies.