Recruiting on Google+

Between LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it’s about time that Google+ joins the party in online recruitment. While it’s more of a social networking platform like Facebook, it still has merit in social media recruiting. Not only does it provide an outlet for networking but also drives exposure for job opportunities and company brand.

How To: Video Interview Questions

Conducting video interviews during the hiring process has many benefits to your company. It frees up time and enables you to determine which job candidates are worth a second look without meeting them all face-to-face. However, submitting interview questions to applicants undergoing an online job search can be daunting if you don’t know just what […]

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infographic on job search privacy

Job Search Confidentiality #INFOGRAPHIC

Do you think you would know if one of your employees was looking for a new job? Since nearly everything these days is done online, it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers (and your employees) to keep their job search a secret. At the same time, should job seekers that are currently employed be afforded a […]

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