Hiring in 2012: The Year of the Video Interview

The world might not have ended in 2012, but last year certainly was an exciting time for the video interview. Employers discovered how helpful it could be to connect with top candidates via video and shorten their hiring process. With the tough economy and the war for talent, it was more important than ever before […]

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2013 Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we as a society interact with one another. Not only that, it has changed the way businesses and companies interact with customers. Therefore, it should be no surprise that social media has found its place in the recruiting and hiring process as well. In fact, […]

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One Way Video Interview

4 Ways Video Interviews Help Startups Scale their Workforce

Startups today are taking off like flights to New York from O’hare. There are handfuls of new ones popping up every day. Thankfully for us they are somewhat fueling the juice for our lackluster job market. Without them, the unemployment level we see today might be even higher. Skeptics say, “but startups only employ 10 […]

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one way video interviews

4 Advantages to One Way Video Interviews

If you’ve ever had to hire a new employee, then you know how taxing and tedious it can be. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of the process is sifting through the mound of resumes you have in your inbox and deciding which candidates are the most qualified for this specific position. Contacting them and phone […]

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Tips For Better Hiring

Just the other day we were discussing how having a high turnover rate can harm your company name. If you have employees coming in and out of your company more than your local TGI Fridays, you know there’s something wrong. There can be multiple reasons as to why this is happening, but poor hiring is […]

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