Recruiters: How to Make Your Candidates Love You

Dear Recruiter, The experience I had in working with you was like no other. In fact, it was terrible, and I hope to never encounter you again in a professional or non-professional setting. Hate, A Disgruntled Job Candidate Recruiting isn’t always rainbows and butterflies and flowers. There are times when job candidates or situations can […]

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Using Data to Market and Recruit Top Talent

“Big data” is becoming an emerging term in the human resources and staffing industry. While it is used by huge companies like Xerox to determine which job candidates are best suited for open job opportunities, it can now also act as the first step to recruit top-notch talent to your small business or startup. Used […]

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Why Your Company Should Consider Working With an Outside Recruiter

For companies with a well-developed HR department, it may seem strange or unnecessary to tap an outside recruiter for helping bringing new talent onboard. However, many business professionals are surprised to find that working with a recruiter can actually make their lives a lot easier when it comes to talent acquisition. Here’s why: