How To Make A Connection With Candidates You Never Meet In Person

It’s no secret that, here at Spark Hire, we love video interviews. They create a better candidate experience, give you better insight about your hiring options, and are just easier for everyone involved. But there is one thing that makes many organizations skeptical about using video interviewing in their hiring process: the idea that you […]

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Best Practices in Cultural Hiring e-Course

A recent study by Gallup determined that 70 percent of employees are disengaged on the job, which leads to a cost of approximately $550 billion in the U.S. annually due to lost productivity. Furthermore, for small businesses and startups, company culture fit can be make-or-break. Recent figures, from a study done by Mark Murphy for […]

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Spark Hire Analytics

Track Video Interviewing Success with Spark Hire’s Analytics Feature

Spark Hire continuously works to enhance its video interviewing solutions to better serve their customers. With the implementation of analytics into its platform, Spark Hire provides customers the ability to ensure that they are utilizing the full capabilities of video interviewing and achieving successful results. “Analytics are crucial for companies that want to stay on […]

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6 Hospitality Hiring Hacks Using Video Interviews [Whitepaper]

Hospitality is the world’s fastest growing industry adding a new job every 2.5 seconds. The U.S. hospitality industry overall has seen an average of 55,000 to 75,000 new jobs created per month since January 2013. Along with needing to hire for all of these open positions, the hospitality industry must also find ways to increase […]

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6 Quick Tips For Smarter Temporary Staffing with Video Interviews

6 Quick Tips For Smarter Temporary Staffing with Video Interviews [Whitepaper]

Due to the economic uncertainty of recent years, employers have been forced to cut down their full-time employee base. However, they have realized the benefits of bringing on temporary workers and 42 percent of employers say that they have plans to hire temporary or contract workers in 2014. With the trend of hiring temporary workers […]

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