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Unconventional and Creative Ways to Recruit

Unconventional and Creative Ways to Recruit

Proactive and unique recruiting is an essential part of continually adding star talent to your team. If you’ve found yourself in a hiring rut recently, try analyzing your recruiting efforts to see how you can tweak them and boost their effectiveness. A few ways to make your recruiting strategies more creative include:

Using your company’s website to your advantage

By now, business owners understand the importance of having a strong web presence. However, many don’t stop to anticipate just how important a company’s website can be when it comes to recruiting. Your business’s website immediately gives a potential hire a sense of the feel of your company. What matters to your business? What types of projects are you working on currently? What are your team members like? If your company’s site doesn’t match what your brand is actually all about, it’s time to make the necessary adjustments so that the two are in proper alignment. Just by looking at your business’s website, a person who’s interested in working for you should get a good sense of exactly what your brand stands for.

Get social

Potential employees are spending their time on social media, so if you want to reach them most effectively, you should be active there too. Join in on conversations, make it a point to develop real connections with people, and find out what matters to those you’re trying to recruit. Some businesses use social media simply as a way to blast out their own marketing messages, but these platforms are much more effective when they turn into real conversations.

Implement hiring tests

More often than not, a candidate can look absolutely perfect on paper and ace the interview, but they turn out to be a terrible fit for your company. Consider implementing creative hiring tests to truly reveal the talent behind the candidate you’re considering and have them prove their skills before you actually commit to them.

Go to events in your community

While it’s very time effective to send a bunch of e-mails and hope someone gets back to you, the most powerful recruiting takes place when you build face-to-face connections with people. Find out about networking events in your community, and make it a point to attend at least a few each month. Over time, you’ll build up real relationships with professionals in your area, which can help make it easier to recruit new talent for your business.

Use your building to advertise open jobs

If you’re actively trying to hire, ditch the boring “Help wanted” sign in the window and try something a little catchier. Colorful signs with quirky language on them hanging in the window will certainly catch someone’s eye as they walk by, particularly if your business is in a high-traffic area. It’s a classic yet effective recruiting technique.

How do you put a creative spin on recruiting? Share with us in the comments.

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