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Warning Signs to Look Out for When Video Interviewing Candidates

Warning Signs to Look Out for When Video Interviewing CandidatesA bad hire can cost a company as much as $50,000 or more so it’s important that hiring professionals do what they can to avoid wasting time on less than stellar candidates. One way companies can protect themselves from hiring the wrong person, is to pay attention to how candidates act and present themselves in a video interview.

Below are a few signs that a candidate might not be worth moving onto the next round:

They did not choose an appropriate interviewing location

You can tell how serious a candidate feels about their video interview based on the way they’ve staged their background. If they took the time to choose a clean and organized space with proper lighting, it shows that they care about presenting themselves well.

They did not test out their technology

Before a video interview, a smart candidate will take the time to test their equipment to make sure everything is working properly. Technology isn’t always reliable so a candidate should be aware of any technology problems before they connect with you. If the time comes to speak with the candidate and their webcam isn’t working, that should tell you they didn’t put too much thought into the interview.

They did not dress properly

A video interview is no less formal than an in-person interview. If your candidate shows up on screen in their pajamas or wearing a graphic tee of their favorite band, they may not have the professionalism to do well at your company.

They did not silence their mobile device

Most people these days must have their mobile device within arm’s reach so they can instantly answer a call, respond to a text, or send an email. If you are interviewing a candidate and can hear constant beeps and buzzes in the background, it’s best to pass on this person who didn’t take the interview seriously enough to silence their phone or turn it off completely.

Hiring is not an easy feat, but finding great talent to fill your open roles isn’t impossible. By keeping an eye out for these warning signs, you’ll be able to avoid bringing in people who can damage your company morale and production and instead bring in rockstars who will keep your company successful.

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