How to Smoothly Transition A New Hire Like A Boss

When you’re in the business of providing people, materials, and the environment second chances, there’s no time to waste when it comes to onboarding a new hire. That’s why Dana Moulden, director of operations, HR, and workforce development at Second Chance, Inc., sets expectations from the start. New management team members take their first 90 […]

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Professional Communication

The Changes To Professional Communication You Need To Know About

Communication is fluid. What was common verbiage twenty years ago now sounds odd when thrown into everyday conversation. For instance, imagine what you’d think if a person was saying how “groovy” their new job is. It would affect your perception of them and they type of communicator they are. As a recruiter, your professional communication […]

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Valuable Interview Feedback

How To Give Candidates Valuable Interview Feedback

Many think the only purpose of the hiring process is to evaluate candidates. If a job seeker has the skills and traits required, great. If not, the process is over for that individual. While that mindset helps organizations reach their goal of filling empty positions, it ignores what a candidate wants. Job seekers are looking […]

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