Let Your Team's Diversity Shine During Video Interviews

Let Your Team’s Diversity Shine During Video Interviews

Of course, diversity and inclusion are nothing new on the hiring scene. Every company created equal opportunity employer statements before their websites were made public, right? In this day and age, yes, but the deep-down, real meaning and focus of diversity hiring is just coming to light. In fact, it was just this year that […]

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How Crush Empire Decreased Time Spent on Interviewing by 10X

Customer Spotlight: How Crush Empire Decreased Time Spent on Interviews by 10X

Around Spark Hire HQ, we pride ourselves on our inclusive and unique culture. As the team grows, one of the contributing factors to sustaining that culture is using video interviews to identify candidates with culture fit early in the process. And we are not the only ones. Crush Empire sees an incredible return on their […]

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[eBook] The Employee Experience Journey

As the unemployment rate continues to drop, your hiring and retention processes require more focus to your organization continues to operate optimally. Within this focus, it is important to demonstrate the people behind the application to candidates applying for your open positions. When building or revising your hiring and retaining process, one key to keep […]

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