5 Ways to Keep Employee Morale Up

It’s important that your employees get their work done and that productivity is high, true. However it’s also important that our employees are happy and content while they get that work done. It’s impossible to make everyone happy at all times, but a general positive morale among your employees is very important. If your company […]

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profile video

Why Employers Should Consider the Video Resume

It’s well known that employers get a large bulk of applications and resumes for one simple job posting. Since we are all living in this fine age of advanced technology, most of these applications are received via email. With the high possibility of receiving close to one hundred resumes for a job post, it can […]

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The Rise of Video Interviews Infographic

The Growing Popularity of Video Interviewing Infographic

The results of a recent survey by OfficeTeam show that approximately 6 out of 10 companies are using video interviews to improve the efficiency of their hiring processes. Comparing this figure to the results from a survey the year before, the implementation of video interviewing solutions has increased by 350 percent. This comes as no surprise since […]

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