4 Interview Questions That Will Improve LinkedIn Recruiting

4 Interview Questions that Will Improve Your LinkedIn Recruiting

Every recruiter has their go-to list of interview questions when assessing candidates. These queries have been tested time and again to show how much they can discover about job seekers. But most of them presuppose that you know very little about the person you’re interviewing. Today, however, you have access to a lot of information before […]

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Recruiting Technology You Should Love

Happy Valentine’s Day: The Recruiting Technology You Should Love

Love is in the air. Recruiting technology love, that is! It’s no secret that cutting edge technology can be great for workplace productivity. But with so many different tools available, HR managers have to pick the tools that address their unique issues. In honor of the holiday, here’s some of the recruiting technology industry experts […]

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End The Wage Gap

Want To End The Wage Gap? You Need To Do These 5 Things

The cat’s out of the bag: it’s 2016 and there’s still a wage gap between the genders. A recent survey from Glassdoor found that before adjusting for factors like age and occupation, women on average only make 75.9 cents for every dollar a man makes. When you account for employees’ industries, education level, etc., men […]

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March Madness: How to Keep Your Corporate Culture Productive

The craziest part of March Madness might be how many productivity hours and how much money your company could lose. You’ve worked hard to establish an attractive corporate culture, so you’re not crazy about the idea of cracking down on Internet usage just in March. You trust your employees, and that trust is part of […]

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How Do I Video Interview…Candidates With a Negative Digital Footprint?

Every candidate comes with their own set of unique interviewing challenges. That’s why we’re tackling how to video interview different types of job seekers with this how to series. Today, we’ll be talking about how to connect with job seekers with a less than ideal digital footprint. Who hasn’t Googled themselves from time to time? […]

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