Spark Hire Video Question Feature

Spark Hire Launches Video Questions for One-Way Interviews

Spark Hire is continually working to enhance its video interviewing services for the benefit of their 2,000+ customers. With the recent launch of the Video Questions feature, companies now have the opportunity to further engage with candidates and personalize their interview process. “We want to make sure our platform provides customers with the features they […]

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Live Video Interview

The Differences Between Video Interviews and Video Chat

As the founder of a video interviewing company, I’m often asked how video interviewing is different from a service like Skype. The simplest response would be to relate the question to Facebook and LinkedIn. Why have an account on both? If you ask most people, the answer you’ll receive is “I use Facebook to interact […]

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one way video interviews

4 Advantages to One Way Video Interviews

If you’ve ever had to hire a new employee, then you know how taxing and tedious it can be. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of the process is sifting through the mound of resumes you have in your inbox and deciding which candidates are the most qualified for this specific position. Contacting them and phone […]

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One Way Video Interviews In Action

In this video, Spark Hire demonstrates one way video interviews in action. You’ll notice the hiring authority has a line of interviews to conduct. In order to avoid this situation, the hiring authority turns to one way video interviews, also known as Spotlight Interviews, to gain insight on candidates and save a ton of time. […]

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