How to Help Your Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

In order to prevent employee burnout and keep morale high, a focus on work-life balance is a must. Over time, employees who spend all of their energy at the office become unhappy and less focused than those who are well-rested and given time to pursue outside hobbies. Here’s how to promote a healthy work-life balance […]

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Google It: What HR Professionals Can Learn from the Internet Giant on Keeping Employees Happy

There’s a certain mystique that emanates from Silicon Valley–it’s not just about the wealth of funds and technology–it’s also about the happiness of those who work in its luxurious campuses. You hear stories of fun and creativity, free massages and gourmet cafeterias. After all, we ourselves wrote recently that Google was named the best place […]

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5 Ways to Keep Employee Morale Up

It’s important that your employees get their work done and that productivity is high, true. However it’s also important that our employees are happy and content while they get that work done. It’s impossible to make everyone happy at all times, but a general positive morale among your employees is very important. If your company […]

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