How Celebrating Small Wins Can Enhance Company Culture

Celebrating big wins is something that seems to come naturally to many companies.  Quite often, the small wins are overlooked and forgotten. As a small business, it’s important that you are recognizing these small wins in addition to the big wins.  There can be long lulls between the big wins at times and if you […]

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How to Improve Team Collaboration in Your Workplace to Cut Down on Turnover

Many managers don’t fully understand the importance of creating a sense of community within the office. When your employees feel connected to one another, they’re more likely to work harder and stay with the company for longer. In an office environment where everyone only looks out for their own best interest, it’s easy to begin […]

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Recognizing Employees: What’s Most Effective?

When it comes to recognizing employees for their performance, there are many methods of “proven,” effective recognition. But as you may already know, not all of these are good for every employee, nor is one of them the “magic button” to be used for any one group. How can you gauge which form of recognition […]

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4 Ways to Get Your Team Back on Track

The New Year festivities are over, annual performance reviews have probably wrapped up, and life at the office is getting back to normal. Is your team finding their rhythm once again with business-as-usual? Do you find that your team is able to keep their momentum going as we settle into the longer, winter months? Maybe […]

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5 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Managers and human resource professionals know that one way of improving office morale and ensuring employee retention is by showing employees that they are appreciated. The difficult piece is giving employees effective recognition. Often, employee appreciation is lumped into a few days of the year. Maybe HR provides cake for the office to show employees […]

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