Why Employee Retention is Important When Hiring Teachers

Why Employee Retention Is Important When Hiring Teachers

Employee retention is a costly issue for any business, but it becomes even more prevalent within schools. A study released in April of 2015 by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 17 percent of new K-12 teachers quit in the first five years. What’s more, a July 2014 report by the Alliance for […]

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Transform Your Approach To Internal Mobility

4 Tips That Will Transform Your Approach to Internal Mobility

Talent acquisition is costly, especially when you make bad hires. Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, has spoken out on the negative impact bad hires make. He mentioned they cost his company “well over $100 million” over the course of its existence. How can you avoid making costly talent acquisition mistakes? Look internally. Futurestep’s November 2015 survey […]

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The ‘Stay Interview’ – An Improvement On the Exit Interview

If you’re like most managers, you probably hold regular performance reviews that are designed to let employees know how they’re doing, and give them a chance to improve on their weaknesses. But what about performance reviews for you, the employer? Wouldn’t it make sense to give employees an opportunity to tell you, as an organization, […]

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