4 Strategies to Help You Successfully Jump the Skills Gap

Statistics related to the skills gap may cause employers to feel that the issue is impossible to overcome. Nearly forty percent of companies have open positions they are unable to find anyone to fill. Additionally, 61% of companies have settled for hiring people for positions who do not fully meet their skill requirements. The skills […]

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No Yawns Allowed: Keeping Employee Training Interesting

Training is an essential but often snooze-worthy part of getting a new employee acclimated with the company. But instead of watching your newest hires choke back yawns as the training goes on, consider using a few tips to keep them engaged while helping them learn more too.

The Importance of Coaching New Employees

For busy managers, it can be hard to keep your head above water each day. You’re focused on ensuring that open positions are filled and that productivity levels stay high. However, while you’re zeroed in on the big picture, it’s important not to lose sight of the day-to-day details either. Part of this means providing […]

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What New Employees Want During Onboarding

What do new employees want during their first days and weeks at a new job? What do they want during onboarding? First of all, they probably want you to not call it “onboarding.” Initial employee training can make or break an employee’s overall experience with your company: that initial experience shouldn’t feel like a crash […]

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