Work-Life Balance: Staying in Shape While Staying in the Office

Let’s face it: the office environment isn’t exactly conducive to staying in shape. You sit at your desk for hours on end, oftentimes too busy to even take a lunch break. Not to mention, there seems to be a steady flow of sweet treats to celebrate birthdays, promotions or holidays.

Encouraging Employees to Stop Eating ‘Al Desco’

Be honest, you’ve spent more time eating at your desk than you have your dining room table. Don’t be ashamed, lunch in the workplace is a common thing (and hilariously parodied here). If your office culture is all go, go, go, it’s likely you’ve had a lunch or two ‘al desco,’ enjoying some leftovers over a crumb-laiden […]

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Healthy Workplace: Company Events

We’ve talked about improving employee wellness by encouraging healthy habits: eating right, exercising, and preventing repetitive stress injuries. In addition to these efforts, consider scheduling company events to encourage healthy habits in your workplace. These company events can be in-house, like health fairs. You could also transform your traditional company outings into events that promote employee […]

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Stand While You Work

Some have called it “the sitting crisis,” the phenomenon that rocked the working world somewhere during the 19th century and placed us all in chairs at our desks, and more recently, in chairs in front of computers. Over the last few decades, however, companies have forsaken their comfortable, ergonomically sound desk chairs in favor of […]

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Healthy Workplace: Preventing RSDs

Repetitive stress disorders, or injuries (RSDs) affect employee wellness in every field. Whether your workforce is on an assembly line, in the checkout lane, or in front of computer screens, RSDs are likely a problem. So are WMSDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders). Not only can these chronic medical problems cause long-term discomfort for employees, disability claims […]

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