Hiring for a Small Business 5 Practices You Need to Know

Hiring for a Small Business? 5 Practices You Need to Know

Small business owners and hiring managers often have limited budgets. As a result, they must be resourceful in order to stay on track financially, while still growing their team. Fortunately, new technology and a strategic approach to the hiring process makes it easy to snag innovative, creative professionals when it’s time to expand. If you’re […]

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Add Personality To Your Hiring Process

This Is How You Add Personality To Your Hiring Process

Whether you realize it or not, your company has a personality all its own. Your employees, values, and company culture all contribute to what makes your organization special. But does your hiring process let that uniqueness shine through? A 2015 LinkedIn survey found that 83 percent of job seekers would change their mind about a […]

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This is Why Job Candidates Hate Your Candidate Experience

The workplace has entered a digital era and so should your hiring methods. What worked in attracting job applicants ten years ago isn’t going to work in today’s highly competitive job market. In fact, text-heavy job ads and unrelenting headhunters may do your brand more harm than good.    According to a recent study of […]

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How To Grow Your Staffing Firm In 2014

How to Grow Your Staffing Firm with Demand in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The staffing industry is looking to grow by at least six percent in 2014, and if you want your company to ride that wave, you’re going to have to consider adding some of your own bright new talent.

Growing Your Sales Team With Video Interviews

Growing Your Sales Team With Video Interviews [Whitepaper]

Having competent, committed, trustworthy and professional people on your sales team is crucial to your company’s success. The recently launched Spark Hire whitepaper, entitled “Growing Your Sales Team With Video Interviews”, highlights the value of using video interviews when hiring for a sales team.